“Beauty & Chaos”

“Beauty and Chaos; my life lacks the first but suffers the latter in abundance. This alter ego will hopefully fill the gaps, smooth the Chaos and fulfill the burning desire to create Beauty.”
Guido van damme - Amariliz Photography

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A selection of limited an open edition prints can be purchased by contacting me directly, or through from my Etsy store or the Art Provocateur website.

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Reserata: my main series

This is a series of images that is close to my heart.

It is a series of portraits and classic art-nude images, made on 4×5 black and white film, in the same setting and with a similar lighting set-up.
This is my way to slow down, and pursue beauty with silver and grain. Just like the old masters did.

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Feautured model: Eva Lunia

Featured model: Valerie Kalliope

Featured model: Mary Gram

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