Glamour   /ˈɡlamə/
  • An attractive or exciting quality that makes certain people or things seem appealing. synonyms: allure, attraction, attractiveness, fascination, charm, enchantment, captivation, magic, romance, mystique, exoticism, spell;
  • Archaic: enchantment; magic.

In my search for support by magazines and cooperations with models I encounter an, in my eyes, strange obstruction. Depending on the magazine, gallery or model, either my work is considered not glamorous enough or it is not arty enough. This makes me take a hard look at my work. I know my work is not, and most likely never will be, mainstream. But my work is my own, my vision. My work is not glamorous enough, what does that even mean?
This gallery is a small series of images I’ve made a few years ago. I recently re-edited it as a somewhat gritty series. As a statement against the honger for perfection that clouds the sense of reality. These are images of a real women. Unretouched, in all her glory, pureness and perfect imperfections.

Model: Laurence

All content: © Amariliz Photography – Guido Van Damme – All rights reserved.
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