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Guido Van Damme, aka Amariliz Photography (°1972, Belgium), I am a portrait and fine art photographer with roots in documentary photography. The alias “Amariliz Photography” is basically a personal search for beauty in a chaotic world…

Most of my artistic portfolio is made on medium- and large format film. The limitations of using 4×5 sheet film presents a challenge. It slows down the process; I must think carefully about every frame, consider the composition carefully and direct my models before pressing the shutter. Whilst I restrict myself with regards to my tools and materials, I also allow myself to improvise and to collaborate with my subjects. I value my models input and allow them to be themselves, shaping their bodies into a strong, classic and balanced composition. The choice of black and white film adds a graphic simplicity to the images. My colour work is made with digital camera’s.

As a portrait photographer I am drawn to faces and eyes. Nude photography lets me add another dimension: skin and curves. I tend to find beauty in imperfection, retouching of my analog images is limited to dust and scratches. The models remain as they are: Beautiful in their own way. Although some of the images have a touch of sensuality, none of them are meant to be erotic in any way.

I look for inspiration to old masters like Man Ray, Robert Mapplethorpe, Helmut Newton, Richard Avedon, contemporary photographers like Paolo Roversi and Peter Lindbergh and Rodin’s sculptures. I do hope I add my own unique stamp to the photographs I create.

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Current ungoing series

Reserata”, Latin for “Unlocked”.

My main project. Unlocking a secret desire, exposing myself as a nude photographer.

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Prints for sale

A selection of limited an open edition prints can be purchased by contacting me directly, or through from my Etsy store or the Art Provocateur website.

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